Goodbye chicken

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POSTED: July 13, 2021

Beyond Meat have launched chicken tenders for use in restaurants, after a trial with KFC. According to Vox,

Beyond Meat has tried to mimic chicken in the past, releasing chicken strips back in 2012. But reviews were mixed, and the company pulled the product a few years later.

Now, Beyond Meat is ready to try again with a new product: Beyond Chicken tenders. Hundreds of restaurants across the US — mostly small regional chains — launched the product on their menus starting July 8. And this time, the company may have finally cracked the code.

Beyond Meat have used protein from fava beans to simulate the texture of chicken.

Ethan Brown, the founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, told Sigal Samuel from Vox, “We call it hedonistic altruism. If we can provide a delicious sensory experience for the consumer and they can also feel really great about what they’re doing for the Earth — it’s a win.”

And so we wait patiently for the factory farming industry to try to stop it. The meat industry begins to resemble the tobacco industry…