Tuesday, July 13

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Jokikatu, Borgå, 15:30


We walk from the car for about ten minutes and enter the Old Town through the tunnel under the highway. The tunnel has become a gallery space. I read a notice which tell me that the artists involved, Annika Bergvik-Forsander and Ylva Holländer, have created Apa Supra here. It says that

These poaintings were made by artists Annika Bergvik-Forsander and Ylva Holländer in the summer of 2021. Ylva Holländer took the initiative to open Galleri Gata in 2018. Galleri Gata changes shape once a year.

I photograph people coming and going. Especially going.

Then I walk up Jokikatu in search of more art, in the form of postcards.