Monday, July 12

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Kitchen table, 14:00


We have spent much of the morning gardening. The weather continues to feel atypical, which rises the question: how long do you have to experience atypical weather for it to become typical?

Wherever we go, Helsinki, Kovalam, or Sundö, we grow things. Mostly Irma grows things, but sometimes I do too. How many people remember my multi-coloured carrots?

Only me probably. And Irma.

I come into the kitchen to see another little group of freshly picked chillies lying on a bread board. Soon they will join a larger group of thirty or so and begin the process of drying.

We have become self-sufficient in chillies, redcurrants and rhubarb. We have a lot of tomatoes but probably not as many as we eat. Soon, if all goes well, we will become self-sufficient in garlic.

I take a photograph.