Wednesday, June 30

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Sundö, 11:11


I woke up suddenly at about 7:30, thinking about what else I need to do to finish and submit the first paper. I had ideas running through my mind about the way in which the ending would work best.

I had breakfast and set to.

I have a routine of working for an hour and then doing something else for twenty minutes. I have come out of the writing room for my twenty minute break. My “something else” task: to find something, photograph it, process the image, and upload it before I write again.

I look around and see a bicycle wheel. “That looks photogenic,” I think. Twelve minutes later I have it uploaded and have time to have a big drink of water before returning to writing.

At 13:00 I will send an email asking whether to send the draft today, tomorrow, or next week. “Next week” will come the answer. I will now have time to work out how best to get the citations from Zotero into the manuscript before I send it.

I will shut everything down, have a shower, and set about mowing the lawn while my hair dries in the still-tropical sun.