Thursday, June 24

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Garden, 12:33


Some things seem harder to photograph than others. The things that I find hard to photograph satisfactorily include chickens, deer and rabbits.

I once got an interesting photograph of a chicken and our former cat Sunshine interacting, and today I finally got a decent photograph of a baby rabbit in the garden, even though it (and several other rabbits) hang around our garden regularly.

I caught it through a window while it sat eating its way through some flowers at the rear of the house.

Shortly after this we will learn that yesterday’s storm had a major impact in Pellinge. On Sundö alone twenty trees got hit by lightning or blown over. The new sauna house the the other side of the bay took a direct hit from a tree and so did our sauna house.

We had intended going down for the midsummer market tomorrow morning. We decide not to. We will go down when the crowds have thinned out a bit and we can see what we have to do.