Wednesday, June 16

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Arcada, 16:10


I spend another day of my final week working for Arcada working at Arcada. All around me chaos mounts as specially hired students start moving furniture around the building.

Monica arrives, leaves, arrives and then leaves again. Harry comes by to pick up some of the remaining electronics.

I sit and work on a paper. More importantly I work on the paper in a way that should give me a workflow to take me through the other five papers and the book that I have to deliver in the next year. This workflow involves hooking Scrivener and Zotero together, and I feel anxious to make it work.

I stop for the day, having done less than I intended in one sense and more than I intended in another sense. I have not yet finished the paper but I have make substantial headway in establishing a method of getting from reading a book to having packaged quotations ready to drop into my work.

Just as I do I get up and wander around the building a bit. Standing by Monica’s now-abandoned-for-the-summer desk I look out through the open door at one of the student murals that graduated from a backdrop for a live-streamed show to a wall hanging.

I may never see it like this again.