Tuesday, June 15

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Arabian mall, 12:12


Today I have spent the morning at Arcada, where a motley assortment of people have arrived for the final tidying of the room.

Before I begin tidying I spend almost ninety minutes with Maria in an MA thesis forum, where I examine a thesis about the controversial 2019 Gillette advertisement / sort film: We Believe: The Best Men Can Be.

Then the tidying begins in earnest.

Everyone breaks for lunch and opts to go to Arabia mall, where we eventually decide to try Momo and More, a new Tibetan restaurant that proves very good indeed.

As we approach I spot a SpaceHub. We saw one yesterday in Itis. I check on my phone and they have now landed in every mall in Helsinki and Espoo. They cost 2.50€ for 15 minutes and 49€ for a full day.

On the way out we spot a Rax Street Truck. WHAT?!? Who would ever have guessed that such a thing even existed. And why would it exist?

And why would it park outside a small mall that houses six restaurants and an in-store sushi kiosk? And why would both the tables have occupants?

I return to Arcada puzzled.