Friday, June 11

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Long path, 10:20


The sun is up and we have taken the day off work – almost. We have both decided to work from home and interleave physical tasks in the garden with mental tasks in front of the computer.

I have taken a break and gone for a walk while listening to some work-related podcasts. By this point I have started the first edition of Write Now with Scrivener, in which Peter Robinson (author of the Inspector Banks novels) talks about how he uses Scrivener while also explaining his writing practices.

He sounds a nice man to find yourself next to on a train, but the podcast suffers from a lack of focus coupled with questions that sometimes sound like product placements.

Cyclists overtake me in both directions as I walk.

I will get back to continue alternating, with gardening gradually taking precedence. I will finish the evening making a cupboard from the parts I find in a cardboard box we bought from Jysk.