Tuesday, June 8

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Arcada, 11:12


Today most people will come into work to throw away whatever they have stored in the room. This forms part of Arcada’s plan to become an activity based workspace from August.

In theory nobody will have a space of their own, and nobody will have anywhere to store books, films, equipment, or anything else. Instead people will wander the building with their laptops under their arms looking for a spare seat.

It goes without saying that this will not work. Nonetheless it has already begun to cause a lot of amusing chaos, as people empty desks and cupboards, and find things that might or might not have any value anymore.

Look what I have found as I work my way through all the stuff that needs throwing away before the whole room gets repurposed. I have a sealed instant camera which I unseal after thinking about it for a few minutes.

The date on the package says 12/2005. It also says “Manufactured in Mexico”. The film may or may not still work.

Does Kodak still exist? I have no idea where I would get it developed, if I decided to use it, and I have no idea why I would choose to use it.