Thursday, May 27

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Riskutie, 8:37


I got up, ate breakfast, and went for a walk. The weather had improved from yesterday but still required a jacket.

I listen to Jimmy Webb followed by The Residents for a full-spectrum music experience. I walk in a complex set of patterns round the block, dodgin in and out of the woods.

As I do, I discover that the bike I saw yesterday has not moved. Nobody has collected it. I stop briefly to ponder whether to take action or not. I decide that I cannot see any benefits in taking it home, since I would still have to find the owner (if it has one). I walk on.

Fifteen minutes later I pass the new telephone tower at the end of Riskutie and take a photograph of the padlocked entrance to the enclosure.

I will walk home thinking about the philosophical and ethical ramifications of Barbie becoming an influencer.