Monday, September 24

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Itis, 17:10


We left the house thinking, “so this is autumn”. We were both wearing thick autumn coats and still not feeling warm. It felt extraordinary to think that one week ago I had been walking to work in a cardigan.

In the morning I prepared this week’s classes, adding material to Its Learning, and breaking down the sessions into a series of ten-minutes steps. I also finished making some more installations of OpenSim, with scenery included.

At 12:00 I went to see Kirsti in TAIK, which was the start of a productive afternoon. I got my keys for the doctoral research room, and I was given a bookcase of my own. I was taken through the presentation that I need to make at the inspection next month where I am standing in for Stefan. Then I got the final piece of the Aalto online fandango in place when I gained access to the Onni web system.

Back at Arcada I had a long phone conversation with Anne, who is in Aalto in Otaniemi, who has now understood my invoices and promised to rush them through. I also had an interesting conversation with Jutta.

I got to the metro station just as the train arrived so I leapt in at the front instead of walking to the rear. The result is that I am walking through Itäkeskus to the bus, and I am stopping outside Expert to see if it is still alive. I read last week that the Swedish owners have gone into liquidation, but this is complicated by the fact that a lot of the stores are owned by franchisees. This one is still going.

When I get home I will spend an hour or more cleaning moss off the roof by standing on a ladder and manipulating a rake in a specialised manner. I will then go indoors and spend forty minutes ironing, before settling down to read for thirty minutes and then going to bed.