Tuesday, May 25

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Home, 18:43


I spend the day at Arcada, where I have a non-stop parade of things to do.

I finish assessing one of my two final courses. I answer emails about the other one, which remains in progress because two students joined it late. I try to amend the course as a result of the emails and fail miserably.

I interview Vera and Hafdis about Icelandic culture for an edition of Common Practice that will go online this Friday. For the first time ever, I make full and exclusive use of the new, improved Zencastr online platform. Easy barely begins to describe it. Everything goes smoothly and, less than three minutes after I stop recording, all three files of locally recorded, isolated vocals appear in my Dropbox ready for editing.

In the afternoon I adjudicate an online test. I have to ask the students to log into Zoom on their phone or tablet, then give me a tour of their room, and then leave their phone or tablet showing me their keyboard.

Finally I supervise and MA thesis presentation.

Now I have arrived home and I wander into Auo’s old room where I see a textile that Irma made some years ago. I have always liked it and I spend five minutes looking at it again.

The textile depicts a hilly landscape with buildings stacked behind each other. I photograph some details of the textile and choose this one.