Creative Bureaucracy

POSTED: May 14, 2021

I receive the Creative Bureaucracy newsletter from time to time. Charles Landry (who I have known for approximately fifty years) originated it and now acts as one of the conference organisers. That may explain it!

Today I received a new edition and it included this. I make no comment.

Dear Creative Bureaucrat,

We have identified a number of must-have topics for the Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2021 – one of them is procurement! It is a hidden engine for innovative change, and can even be glamorous.

The topic keeps coming up in conversations and there are a growing number of fascinating initiatives. Public procurement is one of the few powers bureaucracies have to address public challenges in imaginative and effective ways to safeguard the common good. Done well it can involve young, innovative start-ups rather than only large established companies.

By saying “Procurement is glamorous!” we are toying with key levers for innovative thinking where rethinking and reframing can expand our space to address challenges and create solutions. Learn more about the four key levers to public innovation on our website.

Remember, people of many genders: “procurement is glamorous”!