Friday, May 14

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Sandholmsudden, 14:20


The day started hot and sunny and warmed up as it went on. We left to Pellinki for the first time this year, and as soon as we got there we made the grand tour.

We go to see Marie and buy some fish. When we get there the whole place stands empty but just as we turn to leave she shouts from the nearby island where she lives and bounds across the connecting bridge.

We go to Gunnel’s roadside kiosk and buy a variety of breads and buns, and a tosca cake. Then we go to the village shop to see Erika. Finally we go to Benita’s café to see Benita.

We sit outside on the terrace. I photograph the sea and the gas station. A wind suddenly comes in from the sea in the proper manner and we sit there wishing we had brought our jumpers.

We will return to Sundö and mow the lawn with the gas we bought at Sandholm, and collect the hundreds of fir cones that dropped over winter. Trulle, the farm cat who actually belongs to Geeta, turns up and insists on spending the afternoon with us.

We like it.