Saturday, September 22

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Sandholmsudden, 11:50


We decided last night not to sell anything at the market this morning, but when we woke up the sky was full of unexpected bright sunshine. Damn!

We got there by 10:00 and the girls went to help Mikael in the stall, because Camilla and Ann-Sofie left to make sandwiches for the singing in the evening. We wandered around until the market had finished, stocking up on fish and cakes, and then we went to Benita’s.

The market is quite full and I am wandering around taking photographs of the stall.

It is Benita’s last day of the year and when the market ends everything will suddenly become half-price. We will will raid the fridge for cheese, and pizzas and butter, and sit outside talking with Ville and Margit, Pirjo and Jammu, Lakku and others.

Finally we will go back and start packing the house away for winter, pausing only to try to balance an egg on the table. The weather will continue to be warm and sunny, and so we will pack slowly and sit outside with a glass of wine for one last time this year.

In the late evening I will stupidly let the cat out and Irma will sit up waiting for it to come back. It will come back at 12:30 and Irma will not be pleased with either me or the cat.