Friday, April 30

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Arcada, 9:30


I get to Arcada to discover the whole entrance filled with rubbish bins.

As the morning progresses I can hear noises. Eventually a cleaner drags in five new bins to add to the two already here.

The new bins all have slots and locks. This means you can only put narrow objects into the bins and that you can not extract anything that you dropped into the bin once you have dropped it there.

My rapier sharp mind deduces instantly that this has something to do with the forthcoming activity based workspaces.

I google again, out of curiosity, and receive a massive flashing warning sign. Most of the enthusiastic entries concerning ABWs, as we should allegedly call them, emanate from (dare we say dopey?) WeWork.

Need I say more?