Tuesday, April 14

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Vartioharjuntie, 8:28


Last week I decided to teach from Arcada both days this week, and this morning I raced out of the house to try to make this a reality. I saw the 97V in the distance, ran round the corner, and raced to the bus stop while waving my arm. I got to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up.

When I get in I understand why the driver felt obliged to stop. The bus has no passengers at all except me. I take out my camera and take a photograph just after the bus turns left at Plantagen.

I will sit in a bus of my own almost all the way to Itis until a woman with a pram and a walking infant joins the driver and I at the penultimate stop.

I will spend most of the day sitting in Arcada in front of my twin monitors coding, researching, teaching, and writing. I will finish the day with a doctoral seminar in which Annaliina will discuss deliberative democracy, something I have come to realise borders on my own research, if it doesn’t actually sit on top of it.