Friday, April 9

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Prisma, 18:43


Prisma has now completed its renovation. For the last couple of months it has had the atmosphere of an impossible to understand marketplace in a strange town. Now it looks modern in its new dark colourings, and it has live sushi and a live wok counters.

The management made the decision to keep the store open during the renovation which meant that things kept moving. The bread never showed up in the same place twice. The magazines ran away as you approached them. Wide open spaces appeared and disappeared as old shelving got carried out and new shelving arrived.

As part of the process of renewal the traditional shopping trolleys have gone, replaced by three new kinds. We refer to this one as the urban model. It negotiates small spaces with ease and spins on its axis if you want it to.

You can also choose an SUV model (close in design to the traditional trolleys) or a sports model, designed low and speedy.