Wednesday, March 31

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Kiviportintie, 17:47


Recently I have had something approaching lucid dreams. I have become aware of dreaming while at the same time becoming aware that my actions in the dream world have potentially real consequences in my “real world”.

A few days ago I woke up just as I laid out a new plan for my thesis that took account of the book I have committed myself to writing, without creating two versions of the same thing. I realised that the plan made sense, and got up to write it down.

This morning I woke up with a fully formed approach to writing the Minecraft scripts in a modular form in my head. I woke up while I watched myself explain this process to Amanda and Elli, and as I woke I realised that the explanation I had just given would actually work. I laid awake making sure I remembered it.

After breakfast I go to Arcada where I start the day by rewriting our script for building a house in modular form. It works.

On the way home I get the 95 bus and get off just beyond the church in Kiviportintie. I see a boat parked in a garage for winter. For some reason it makes me smile.