Sunday, March 28

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Hanken, Runeberginkatu, 16:23


In the centre the snow has almost completely disappeared. It looks like winter happened months ago.

We walk past the Hanken campus at the corner of Runeberginkatu and notice some flowers leaping out of the soil. Snowdrops? I think so, but then I don’t think I know enough about these things to actually know.

We have taken to counting Wolt couriers as we walk back to the car. One Sunday we counted ten. Today the count never rises above single digits, even when we reluctantly include 2 Foodera couriers.

The day will end in rain which we count as a considerable improvement over snow. We will watch it melting the snow in the garden which the big rabbit has abandoned in favour of the neighbour’s garden which currently has less snow and more grass.