Friday, March 26

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Palttinakuja, 14:50


I have another morning in Minecraft, after which I embark upon producing the first manual for the students, as I envisaged on the metro yesterday. Everything suddenly comes into focus and the world changes shape.

Writing the manual makes me think about how the Minecraft manuals might work. I suddenly feel that we have crossed an important bridge.

At 14:50 we both suddenly hear the ice-cream van – for the first time this year. We drop everything and race out of the house and into the next road, Palttinakuja. We buy boxes of ice cream and race home.

I watch as the sun pours down on the van and various neighbours come and go.

As we do the ice-cream van follows us. It turns out that he will drive into Rohdinkuja every other Friday afternoon.

Spring has now definitively begun!