Saturday, March 20

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Lanterna, 15:42


This morning I abandoned any thought of walking as soon as I looked out of the window and saw that snow had returned. It faded away to the point where I almost left the house and then it returned triumphantly.

In the afternoon we go to Lanterna for light bulbs and other things like that. We walk in from the snow and into Rusta, the shop that replaced Hong Kong.

Rusta has the same one-way-only design that Ikea has. As we walk round we realise that, in Rusta at least, summer has arrived. Barbeques, garden furniture, plastic greenhouses, terrace heaters, and even Crocs, fill the store. We spend some time looking at the garden gnomes and the solar-powered garden lights before we walk past the range of trampolines.

When we walk out we will find that the snow has got thicker.