Wednesday, March 17

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Dining table, 18:23


A combination of the pandemic, the arrival of SpiceTown, and my adventures in tooth extraction have combined to offer me a new world of flavours and tastes.

At lunch I had some mini samosas, which have a nice kick to them. Now I have a big bowl of vispipuuro, which Wikipedia describes as “a sweet, wheat semolina dessert porridge made with berries, usually lingonberries”. After cooking you whip it into a mousse-like consistency, hence the vispi in its name.

Vispipuuro translates literally as “whipped porridge”.

Because a bowl of vispi puuro might seem too adult, Irma has carefully added whipped cream, hundreds and thousands, a small chocolate egg, and two Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers, which we got from the British Week at Lidl.

Dinner: you can’t beat it.