Tuesday, March 16

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Work room, 13:22


I looked out of the window an hour ago and rolled my eyes as I noticed that snow had started falling quite heavily since I last looked out. Fortunately it ended as suddenly as it started.

I went outside to check the mailbox and to do some kind of physical exercise. I cleared some heavy, wet snow from some places where I judged it has not begun to melt fast enough. It didn’t feel necessary but then neither did sitting pinned to a chair in front of a computer. More unnecessary snow moving occurred than strictly necessary.

I make and eat a cheese-and-biscuity lunch and then look out of the window again. The gold pot by the window catches my eye. I decide to see if I can get an interesting image of it.

I will spend much of the afternoon alternating between preparing for the end of the Innovations course tomorrow, and editing the next episode of Culture of Possibility. I will decide that I might have just edited one of the most interesting discussions we have put out so far.

Much later I will realise that I took a very similar photo on Friday, January 29: one of the perils of lockdowns that I have tried to avoid. One of the other perils involves getting dates wrong. Yesterday I did just that.

To make up for yesterday’s mistake (now partly corrected), today marks the actual one-year anniversary of me teaching online from home. I began on Monday, March 16, 2020.