Friday, March 12

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Kitchen, 9:45


More snow, more phantom toothache, more unsolid foodstuffs: one way you can start a day.

The snow does not try very hard and soon fades away. The toothache woke me up in the night, and I felt as though I had entered a China Miéville novel (specifically Kraken, the one I finished last weekend). I woke with the same toothache in the same place in my mouth even though the tooth that used to live there left my mouth forever last Tuesday.

The unsolid food for breakfast took the form of chocolate porridge and green mango juice. The mango juice came from SpiceTown the Indian warehouse walking distance from us which we discovered a week or so ago. We recognised it from the Divine Hypermarket in Kovalam Junction, and indeed the packet reveals that Real manufactured it in India.

The Real juice does not taste sweet. It tastes slightly salty and ever-so slightly peppery, and I love it. Irma pointed out that it has the same kind of taste as Nimbooz, and I agree.

Nimbooz takes of lemons and this tastes of mangoes; but both have the same Indian salty-not-sweet approach to fruit beverages.