Friday, March 5

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The beach, 16:32


The snow has continued to fall and I have continued to work. Yesterday and today we had our first adventures with DGD inside Minecraft.

Yesterday proved a technical nightmare which the club members dealt with using their perpetual good humour. Today proved much better. Everyone got straight online and everyone finished the initial training exercises.

Next week they will all finish off their work in Scratch and the week after that we will jump right into Minecraft, in the shared world we have almost finished creating.

When I had finished this I carried on with the Innovations course structure, and realised that I had written about 18,000 words of this this week. I finished the course completely at 16:15 and decided to go for a walk, snow or not.

I walk down to the beach and off the path into the wood right by the sea. I find this growing quite happily.