Wednesday, March 3

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Lapeentie, 8:44


Yesterday I path blocked at one point by a crane dealing with poles or tress. I changed direction. Today the same happened, at a different point in a different route, and this time I found myself changing direction towards the route I took yesterday.

I find myself walking down Kiviportintie in the opposite direction as yesterday, but I find myself at Lapeentie again. This time I face the other way, away from the morning sun. I get this image.

I will return home to spend a morning online with the Innovations groups and a student doing her thesis about our adventures in Minecraft.

The melting will continue. I will walk out of the house and down to the mailbox without stepping on snow at all. I will have to walk carefully to achieve this but by the weekend everyone will manage to do it.