Tuesday, February 23

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | | |

Riskupolku, 8:54


Today I got up, looked outside, ate breakfast, and finally left the house for a morning walk. I took my snow-walkers and attached them to my boots as soon as I got into the drive.

The snow had frozen, melted, and forzen again. It had achieved a smooth plastic look, and as I trod on it it gave way like filo pastry. I had never experienced it quite like this.

I walked for forty minutes and covered less ground than I would normally do. As I walked into Riskupolku, on the final stretch, I paused at the children’s playground.

I intend to walk in and photograph the wooden horses on springs, half buried in snow. I realise that the park has sealed itself. Snow has piled up against the only gate and then frozen. I push for a few minutes, thinking that I might do a local parent a small favour by opening the park, but give up.

I stand outside and photograph the swing instead.