Thursday, September 20

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Hermanninrantatie, 16:50


Naa and Auo both have late starts today, and I will be teaching at 10:00, so I left when I woke up and they will get the metro together. I was woken up early by the cat who seemed oddly determined to wreak havoc with the rugs.

When I got to work I carried on dissecting WordPress in Content Management Systems before having a lunch of fried perch, potatoes and salad. I spent the afternoon creating various different variants of the virtual world, turning them into zip files and uploading them onto Its Learning. Then I looked out of the window, noticed the sky was blue, and decided to walk quickly to Kalasatama and get the metro home from there.

Now I am halfway to the metro station and I am standing in front of a tree that is shedding its orange and coppery leaves in copious amounts.

When I get home I will discover that the cat has covered the shower-room floor in piss because it clumsily missed the cat litter. I will be assigned the job of cleaning it, because everyone else is busy doing something else. I will spend a merry hour cleaning the entire shower-room, before deciding that it is time to finish off by leaping in the shower.

Later I will encourage my iPad to upgrade to iOS6, before reading and going to bed.