Wednesday, September 19

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Arcada, 16:50


After getting soaked yesterday I switched from a summer hooder to an autumn rainproof anorak. I left with Auo at 7:05, leaving the cat waiting for Irma to get up.

I had the first Content Management System session this morning with Year 3. We are going to use WordPress this year, since it seems to have nearly 60% of the CMS market, and Mambo, Joomla, Drupal and chums seem to be sliding downhill. I set everyone up with their own installation on a Hostmonster-hosted sandbox domain, and off we went.

In the afternoon we carried on with Virtual Worlds Research, where we hit an interesting MySQL problem, which I managed to sort out after everyone had gone for coffee. When the session ended I began loading one of Linda Kellie’s ready-made sims onto a USB stick, but after half an hour I left it running and left the building.

I am at at the door now. I am not alone in the building, but everyone else seems to have hidden themselves. As I leave it will start to rain, and by the time I get off the bus it will be pouring again. I will do some ironing and vacuum-cleaning, and by the time the girls arrive home in the car, from playing tennis and cello, they will find a clean house.