Tuesday, January 26

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Work room, 11:17


I went for a long walk after breakfast and listened to some more of Aga’s Ferment Radio podcasts, which I like a lot. They raise a lot of ideas in me that chime with things I thought a long time ago, and things I need to think as I start working seriously on the forthcoming book about cultural democracy.

When I got back Aga and I sat down in different parts of Helsinki and recorded an interview for the first edition of Common Practice: one of the new podcast series that we have launched under the Miaaw banner. We did this using Zoom and Zencastr, which Aga has used for all her recordings.

What can I say? It just seemed to work. I ended up with two files, without the bother of having to get them sent to me over the net. Even betterm, the process seemed a lot easier to explain that the page of instructions that I have to send to people who I ask to record their own audio.

I might have just become a convert.

Once we have finished the recording I look round the room and my eyes stop at a painting that we bought a couple of years ago from a local artist. I pick up my iPad and photograph a detail.