Thursday, January 21

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Work room, 13:00


Do we have a workroom? We didn’t used to have one. However, everyone has found a workroom somewhere at sometime during the last nine months, in one way or another. I have spent most of the morning sitting in one of ours.

The morning started with a Minecraft exploration session and continued immediately with the first session of the new season of DGD. We had four members today, as expected. Social distancing in India means that we have had to split the members into two teams and run each workshop on two consecutive days.

The process of “being there” while sitting in Helsinki using Zoom worked much better than I imagined. I logged in with my iPad at the start and showed everyone the snow in the garden. This successfully broke the ice.

After we stop I look around and decide that I need to do some snow work at once. The snow has not stopped but the piles on the ground have grown alarmingly. Before I put my coat on I look around.

When I bought my computer last year it came with a wireless mouse and keyboard. The mouse proved erratic to say the least, and so eventually we found another wired one that used to belong to Auo.

I photograph the dolphin sitting on its Marimekko dolphin mat.