Thursday, January 14

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Arcada, 17:32


The day’s work over we head for Prisma. We do not need anything in particular; we need to unfreeze the car which has stood in the freezing cold all day and now yells in pain every few minutes.

The sensors that emit a warning when it has got too close to something else now work randomly, so it screams for no reason at all except for the ice it cannot escape.

When we get to the supermarket we realise that lots of people have had the same idea. The car park (which has automatic doors that keep it warm) has filled up with vehicles that stand quietly melting. When we get upstairs Prisma itself has filled up with people just hanging out while their car sorts itself out.

Like most people we have a shopping basket and, as we wander, we find a few groceries that we probably need, and (of course) two more Lego/Nintendo mini-figures whichwe will save for some weekend fun.

On the way out I stop to look at the newly renovated fruit machines. They now accept credit cards, and come complete with anti-coronavirus plastic screen built-in.

Finns do love their gambling.