Monday, January 11

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Home, 18:00


We went to Prisma the other day. They have decided to rearrange and partially rebuild the store while remaining open. Things have moved to different places, and so we wandered around looking to see what we could find.

Someone has scattered the toy department around the store; either temporarily until it gets a new home, or permanently because toys should pop up everywhere you don’t expect them.

We didn’t expect to find these Lego/Nintendo mini-figures next to the crockery but we did. Once we had found them something made us buy them.

Now we sit on the floor of what we still call Auo’s room making them. They seem a lot more complex than the usual minifigures, but eventually we get them made.

We have Fly Guy and Para-beetle, and they seem to include spare pieces. Either that, or we have both done something wrong.