Monday, November 30

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Vartiokyläntie, 8:45


I woke up to a think covering of white on the ground, but set off for a walk anyway. I took a proper winter jacket for the first time this autumn, and realised that I should have done it a week ago. I might have avoided this cold if I had.

My podcast app updated itself on Saturday, and has refused to download anything since. I tried again this morning before I left, got an error message again, and listened to Prince instead.

Hit n Run Volume 1 seems like a fine album to me: a proper late career gem. Volume 2 does not excite me quite as much, although I still like it.

As I near home I see an abandoned scooter lying almost buried in the thin layer of morning snow. Oh look I say: a metaphor in search of a meaning.

I will return home for a long day of online meetings interspersed with the writing I should have finished last week and didn’t.

I have had a good/bad scenario. I have written and written but as I wrote I began to realise that the material needed reshaping. I reshaped it and rewrote and reshaped it and rewrote. Round and round and round we went.

This has taken a lot longer than I had planned but the outline has very definitely improved with each lap, and so I probably needed to do this. This week, however, I absolutely have to submit the proposal.

Today will have to prove the final lap.