Thursday, November 26


Raitamäentie, 12:14


We woke up to rain heavy enough to stop me walking. I watched it pouring down and sat in a corner and read until the clock cried “time to work!”

At 10:15 I started the morning CMS class, and at 12:00we stopped for a lunch break. The rain had stopped and Irma and I walked down to the big collection box where we threw away our waste paper. I stood looking at it and the urban box standing next to it. I always assume that the boxes house electricity in some way, but I could have entirely the wrong idea.

I realise, as I look round, that the day will get no brighter than this. Indeed, as we walk back, it already starts to feel darker.

At 13:15 I will start the afternoon session of CMS which ran over, leaving me two minutes to switch my head from cms to digital mediascapes. The 16:15 MA class will start on time and finish at 19:50.

I will walk around the house in a state of over-excitement for thirty minutes before I calm down and read some more of Michael Moorcock’s Dancers At The End of Time.