Tuesday, November 3

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Garden, 10:21


I did not go for a walk yesterday morning, because plumbers arrived at 8:00. I did not go for a walk this morning because I had an appointment at Migri at 8:55.

Having applied for Finnish citizenship last month, and learning that it may take up to seventeen months before I receive a decision, I decided that I should renew my current residence permit before Brexit takes force at the end of the year.

Officially I have until next October to do this, but I have many reasons to suppose that “the sooner the better” might apply here.

When I get home I look in the garden at the flowers that I noticed yesterday. The weather has become as confused as me. More accurately, the vegetation in the garden has become as confused as me about the weather.

These Spring flowers should have bloomed and died in Spring and early summer (which they did). They should have disappeared at that point until next Spring. Instead they have decided to start again in autumn.

Charming or worrying? You decide.