Sky diamonds

POSTED: October 30, 2020

According to The Guardian:

A British multi-millionaire and environmentalist has set out plans to create thousands of carats of carbon-negative, laboratory-grown diamonds every year “made entirely from the sky”.

Dale Vince, the founder of green energy supplier Ecotricity, claims to have developed the world’s only diamonds to be made from carbon, water and energy sourced directly from the elements at a “sky mining facility” in Stroud.

The “green technology first” uses carbon dioxide captured directly from the atmosphere to form the diamonds – which are chemically identical to diamonds mined from the earth – using wind and solar electricity, with water collected from rainfall.

The result is the “world’s first zero-impact diamond”, according to Vince, and they could even help to clean the air by removing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere.

Dale Vince acts as the the chairman of the renewable energy firm Ecotricity which has published a plan for four fifths of British power generation to be derived from renewable energy within 15 years, and calling for the introduction of “a cow tax” to reduce UK beef consumption