Thursday, October 22

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Work room, 15:32


What a day: non stop Zoom meetings from 9:00 till 19:30.

The first meeting (a pre-meeting no less) didn’t really happen. At 9:30 I had a two hour Minecraft session in which we got a lot done. After every session I feel as though we should have had an end in mind. Then I think that we really do need to explore before we decide that we know. Then I worry that the students will stop taking this seriously if they do not have a clear endpoint. Then I decide that I have enjoyed myself and should just stop worrying.

At 12:00 I had a Vaken meeting, and at 13:00 I had a Vaken management meeting, which discussed the meeting I had just left.

Now, I listen to a meeting in which I have little interest. I have switched my camera off, and I wander around the room. I would walk round the garden but the rain that stopped me walking this morning has not stopped.

I look at the photo collage ade from photos of Auo and the lamp shade beside it. I photograph the wall.

At 16:00 I will have a meeting, and at 17:00 I will hold a two hour class for the MA course.