Saturday, September 15

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Berwick Street, 14:10

This morning we got up at 7:30, had breakfast and showered. At 9:30 we got the tube to Tottenham Court Road. We walked slowly down Oxford Street, stopping at every other shop. Auo is particularly interested in phones and tablets.

We turned left down Regents Street and spent an hour and a half in Hamleys, starting at the fifth floor and working our eay down systematically. At the ground floor Auo bought a stuffed pirate as a souvenir. We then walked through Soho, stopping at an art supply shop. Now we are on Berwick Street where we have spent thirty minutes eating our way through enormous portions of fish and chips with mushy peas. Auo had cod and I had haddock. The chip shop is not a tourist attraction but one of the remaining facilities in Soho that serves people in Soho. Everyone else who came in knew the people serving.

Next we will walk through Chinatown to Covent Garden where we will spend a long, long time in the London Transport Museum. Auo will declare that “it is better than great”.

After a walk across the bridge from Embankment we will stop for a drink at the Festival Hall, where we will look at the Hide & Seek Weekend, before walking to Waterloo and catching the tube to Clapham South. After a brief rest we will walk across Clapham Common, and then halfway round the edge before stopping briefly at the Windmill and returning to watch Doctor Who. This week it is a western.