Friday, September 14

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Legoland, 16:00

After an early breakfast we got the tube to Waterloo where I collected the tickets I had booked online. We used these to spend an hour on a train to Windsor and Eton, where we walked to the Theatre Royal and caught a bus to Legoland.

The weather remained dry but we got completely drenched on at least two occasions. If there is one theme that recurs throughout the theme park it is water. We started with Viking Falls, wherre we sat in a round boat and sped round a river where spectators could hose us, while various Lego monsters spat water at us. Later we went on Pirate Falls twice (it was almost emptynsonthey said we could stay on), which finishes with a drop into a waterfall followed by a quick hosing.

Legoland has walk-dryers and after that we stood in one for five minutes. At 15:15 we had lunch, because after 15:00 children are free. We went to the Pizza & Salad Buffet.

Now we are back at the beginning and about to go to the Big Shop, where we will fill up with souvenirs. The trip back will involve no waiting at all. The bus driver will stop for us as we arrive just tomlate, and we will wait about three minutes for the train.

In Clapham we will walk right across the Common in the dusk, before walking halfway round it to get back to the hotel. It will take us twenty minutes to work out how to use the Samsung television in our room, with its single multi-function button. After watching a documentary about Fairport Convention on BBC4 we will go to bed.