Wednesday, September 30

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Riskupolku, 8:32


Today we slept in for thirty minutes, because the weather invited us to. We could see the darkness, hear the rain, and feel the warmth of the duvet.

I get up and walk, listening to music rather than a podcast as I go. The Pretty Things final album has dropped, as they say nowadays. Allegedly all-acoustic, it does in fact contain electric guitars on at least one song. The album has no rythm section though, and the electric guitars add atmosphere with Dick Taylor carrying the songs on an acoustic guitar.

I walk past the playground where I used to take Auo and Naa when we first moved here. Empty because of the autumnal cold, I wander in and photograph this particular piece of apparatus which I remember Auo liking.

The rest of the day? Preparation, teaching, and a virtual visit to a doctoral seminar…