Thursday, September 13

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Clapham Common Southside

At 11:15 Auo and I left the house with hand-luggage to get the 97 to Prisma, where we walked round the corner and caught the 519 to the airport. Our flight was delayed an hour but everything else worked smoothly.

Auo was shocked by the length of the tube journey from Heathrow to Clapham South, which is about twenty seven stops and several tube lines. We were both very happy when we got to the Eurolodge. We had room 114, facing the Common, and it was the best room I have stayed in at this hotel.

Now we have walked to Tesco to buy supper and I have a big bag of carrot batons, hummus and taramasalata. We also have shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.

After dropping those off we walked into the Common for ten minutes, looking at the fishing pond, with its ten reusable fish. Now we are walking along the south side of the Common and Auo is spotting double-decker buses and taxis. We will stop briefly at the Windmill for a drink, before sitting in our room eating carrots and dips, and planning tomorrow.