Wednesday, August 23

YEAR:  2020 | Tags:  | | |

Silkinkutojankuja, 8:23


I walked after breakfast to the sounds of Richard Thompson’s lockdown EP, Bloody Noses, recorded almost entirely on his own, with some female vocals zoomed in.

Now I approach Rohdinkuja from the far end, through the little bit of woods by the now-abandoned tennis court. I spot a multi-coloured autumn leaf and bend down to look at it. “Oh, autumn”, I think.

I will spend the day preparing the CMS course and then teaching the CMS course. It has wandered off into unknown territory so I have rather more preparation thatn I had expected.

The day will heat up, and so I will try to spend the breaks in the garden. Much raking will take place.

The day will end as it started: with leaves.