Thursday, September 3

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Visbynkuja, 16:35


I spent my working day at Arcada where I had several meetings, including one with some of the sound students. I pitched my idea for the sounds of the commons podcasts, and got reactions ranging from sceptical to very positive. Since I need a minimum of one keen person I left feeling pleased.

I then sat at my laptop and wrote out a clear job specification for them and posted it to Kauko. Let’s see what happens.

I collected my pack of reusable Arcada face masks and wore one on the way home. I got off at Itäkeskus and walked to the post office in Easton, where I took delivery of a book called Inventing the Future by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams.

Leaving Easton and Walking towards Prisma I pause when I see a taped up trolley standing apparently abandoned. After a moment, and with the help of a passing dog, I come to understand that the trolley actually advertises a bargain in the car wash department at the gas station in the background.

You hardly ever see dogs on the loose in Helsinki. In fact I can’t remember the last time I did. Before now, obviously.

The dog trotted off in the direction of the gas station, obviously not lost and knowing exactly where it wanted to go. I carried on to Prisma.