Tuesday, September 1

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Garden, 14:12


I found yet another podcast last night. The British Humanists have started to produce a weekly series called What I believe. This morning, while walking along by the sea, I discovered what Robin Ince believes.

I spent the morning grappling with the WordPress Gutenberg block system. I have failed to take this seriously but I have decided to remedy this. It required a complete mental switch but I think I made the leap. I still have a few questions about its applicability to data driven sites, but I designed a totally bland one-page site in WordPress in twenty minutes.

My remaining question: why does a one-page site use WordPress except as a convenient peg to hang WPBaker or Elementor on? I can think of some one-page sites that might need WordPress as a back end but mine certainly didn’t, and I had followed along with the instructions.

At lunchtime I looked at a few shots of George Clinton in Instagram, which made me go into the garden and shoot some photos of the tin bird. I decided that I liked this one best.