Tuesday, September 11

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A303, Arcada, 21:12

An early start to the day and then a whole day of teaching. Both sessions were satisfactory. Both sessions were made extremely difficult by the fact that the data projector kept switching my screen on and off and flipping the size. Helpdesk had changed the lead for the projector yesterday but nonetheless claimed that it was obviously my fault and I should stop using my laptop for teaching.

I have spent the evening sorting through the draft thesis in the belief that thinking and editing is almost as good as writing the missing bits. I bolstered this idea with a hard twenty minutes in the gym and a shower. Now I am listening to Ray Wylie Hubbard on the laptop of blame. I am listening to the Delirium Tremolos album, which is absolutely flawless and thoroughly recommended to anyone.

As soon as Driving Wheel ends I will pack up and head home.