Wednesday, August 19

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Hermannin rantatie, 16:52


I spent my second day at Arcada since summer, which meant I sat on the metro in my mask again, and walked from kalasatama to Arcada.

After another morning of testing that involved Dennis Biström, Johnny Biström, Jutta Törnqvist and me, we managed to get Minecraft Education to work as it should. I hosted a world at Arcada and everyone else managed to log in through fixed routers and 4G hotspots. It appears that the problem may have lay where we least expected it: in the router in the basement of the apartment block where Dennis lives.

Now I make the journey in reverse. I walk down Hermannin rantatie towards Kalasatama. Just as I approach I notice the reflections in the windows of one of the new buildings. I photograph it and realise that I have already forgotten what this spot looked like before all the building began.

I walk past the metro station and over the road to the Pixelache members meeting.