Monday, September 10

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Rautatientori, 15:20

This morning Auo and I went to school and work, leaving Irma to drive Naa to the farm in Sipoo where she is going to spend the week doing her work practice on a farm – a job for which she is already well-practised. Roosa and three others are going to be there too.

I spent the morning setting up the details of tomorrow’s courses, as well as writing mails. At 12:20 I got the tram to Kaiseniemi to meet Stefan at Cafe Engel. Pluti was supposed to come but didn’t because he had another meeting setting up a voluntary association of researchers. We discussed the draft I had given Stefan for almost two hours, and I left feeling elated. I had been somewhat concerned that nobody else would get where I was going and would hate both the content and the style. I was completely wrong. When I arrived at Cafe Engel it had suddenly started raining. When we left it was bright sunshine. Life is a cheap movie.

Now I am Rautatientori on my way home. I will spend twenty minutes in the library first, then go home, where I will walk to ALepa for milk and do some more ironing. We will watch an absurdly pious documentary about Bon Jovi who are all philosophers, philanthropists and brothers to themselves and everyone else within brothering distance.