Friday, August 7

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Garden, Sundö, 19:00


We arrived home just after midnight.

Today we woke up, ate (but not very much), picked the rest of the redcurrants, did some gardening, did some cleaning, and left for Pellinge.

Somewhere in there I cycled to the post office to collect two parecels that had been left while we walked the streets of Riga. One contained happy socks. The other contained a book that I had ordered when invited to obtain a free copy.

We get to Sundö at the same as the Friday evening bus. We share the ferry.

The rains this week have made the grass grow, so, once we arrive, we start by mowing. I also cut some maple branches down in a feeble attempt to shape two of the trees.

While wandering around the garden I photograph this flower. Nobody seems able to name it, although the area seems filled with its clones.